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It has been quite some time that I worked with a model and I felt quite bad about that. I always enjoy working with people and when you dedicate some time and work with a model on a shoot it can be a very rewarding thing. And for me it’s the perfect counterpart to all my car and event work. So to get back into it I just ask Filiz who I got to know quite recently and we just went out with a few basic outfits, no MUA and my buddy Thorsten to help out. the First set was shot mostly with natural light, just in the end we put in my Elinchrom Range for a few shots. Then when we changed Location, we ended up using the Strobe constantly. I had the second part of the shoot in mind for some time and even-though we organized and shot all this on short notice I had an idea where to go with it, which always is the better way to go. Although… spontaneous stuff can always surprise you too and sometimes saves your butt.

The strobe in the second set in those fields was mostly used to get a bit more separation in this very busy scenery. All post processing was done in Lightroom 5 and with no additional Plug Ins or Filters. A little bit of Skin Retouching was as always done using Photoshop, but only for that. In the second set I just wanted to try a bit of a different style and type of post precessing, but not go overboard with funky plug-ins that might disappear at some point. And with Lightroom itself it stays much more in the realm of “oldschool” developing. Anyways. We had a lot of fun and I am very happy with the results. Especially as the second part came quite close to what I had in mind.

I will try and do this a lot more often from now on again. You should never get away from what you enjoy too long. So I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and have a great start into the week my friends.


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