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#mbrt13 Day one, take off

We are not only ready for take off, but by the time you are reading this, we should be in the air already.

I was planning on putting a more elaborate packing post up than this, but… well… you know. time just went by like nothing. lets see though who spots what and I will point the gear out later then too 🙂

my german travel buddies all posted blog posts too just right now, so if you are interested in more about our fantastic road trip, check their posts out too!!! Bjoern, Heike, Jan and Jens.

If you out of some reason haven’t heard about our road trip, check out THIS POST and follow the hashtag #mbrt13 on twitter and so on. Make sure you follow me on Twitter, Flickr and of course Facebook to not miss anything.

And for you Spotify users and music lovers out there, Jan and I have put together a huge road trip playlist as we are sharing a car together. if you have some suggestions for us to add leave a comment, always happy to discover new music.

Well… this is it for now. I will be posting a bit of stuff from the plane if we have wifi (and it seems like it) or the latest we get to the US. have a good week my friends and talk to you soon.


#mbrt13 Day one, take off #mbrt13 Day one, take off #mbrt13 Day one, take off #mbrt13 Day one, take off
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