Road Trip 2013 – Mercedes-Benz takes us from LA to Detroit #mbrt13

road trip 2011 houton to LA

road trip 2011 houton to LA

To stay on the topic of road trips and after some really nice trips this year, I am very happy to announce another road trip. Right after the first week of January, on the 8th, me and an assorted group of Writers, photographers and wonderful people will go on a journey with Mercedes-Benz from Los Angles, or actually Carlsbad, via Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Oklahoma, St.Louis, Chicago to Detroit. In Detroit we will be joining a huge group of car-nuts at the NAIAS aka Detroit Autoshow, for a few days of car craziness. Our Route will guide us through the Rocky Mountains along the legendary Route 66 and nearly coast to coast. 12 people, 6 cars, 5 days and about 2500 miles (or 4000 km). From the wonderful weather in SoCal and the desert heat of Las Vegas to the snowy Rocky Mountain roads and freezing temperatures of wintery Detroit. Unless global warming goes into overdrive somehow or the 21st gets warmer than expected.

road trip 2011 houton to LA

I will be accompanied by Jan Gleitsmann, Heike Kaufhold, Jens Stratmann, Bjoern Habegger, Javier Alvarez, Omar Rana, Sebastien Claudet and Gianluca Pezzi. One or two more will be announced plus two Mercedes-Benz Employees.

Besides the massive driving overload I am going to bring along quite a lot of equipment. For a trip of this magnitude I need to bring some serious gear… Well… I want to. Besides my regular Nikon gear I will be bringing my new camera love affair, the Fuji Instax 210 and the Instax Mini. I don’t want to miss the Instax system ever again. On top of that the fantastic people at Canon Germany are providing me a C300 with 3 amazing EF lenses and a XF105. I want to shoot a lot of Video and yes I could do that with my cameras, but the C300 is purpose built and unmatched by DSLR when it comes to handling and quality. I am very much looking forward to work with this great piece of equipment. I will also trying to rent a Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly and most probably bring my Manfrotto Sympla. Not 100% certain yet, I will have a detailed equipment list ready for you guys before we leave.

Roadtrip gear.

A lot of small stuff like chargers, Mifis, my trusty Jambox, headphones, cables, hard drives, memory cards, cleaning gear, etc. etc. etc.

I didn’t have the time yet, but I am going to look for some great spots to shoot along our route, for good spots to eat and maybe just some fun stuff to check out. If any of you have any good tips I would love to hear them and I am sure the rest of our team will appreciate it too. If its the best Pizza place in Chicago, the cleanest restrooms on the freeway somewhere or whatever you can think of.

road trip 2011

I love road trips and I know I am always very excited and the plans are always many and bold and in the end you normally don’t get to do everything you planed. This time I wanted to approach the whole thing a bit differently. We are going to pass through a lot of places I haven’t been before and it would be a challenge to satisfy my photo and video desires for all of them, but instead of concentrating on those in particular I have only one big goal. and that is a conclusive story. In photo and video. Everything else will be a bonus. I will use all the gear I bring for just that purpose and yes I could achieve that with a lot less gear, but that is just as a challenge for myself. Not transporting it all, but using it all to its full potential…

road trip 2011

Anyway. I will, as most of the others, be posting from in the car and on the road as much as I can. As mentioned before we will have our Mifis and as long as we have reception, we will be posting. Make sure to follow my Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare, obviously this Blog and I am still looking into a few other options too.

Not much more to say at this moment. Obviously I am very excited about this whole trip and very thankful to Mercedes-Benz for taking me along such a fantastic adventure!

Skywalker Ranch - Signature Sound

More about the trip and my preparations in the week before the trip.

Have a great week and take care,




  1. Maaaaaaan! Das wird sicher so geil! Ich wünsch euch unendlich viel Spaß und vergiss nicht auch mal ohne Sucher vor den Augen die Landschaften und Orte zu genießen! Nicht das du deine eigenen Bilder und Videos brauchst, um zu sehen wo du warst! 😉

    Das wird super! Bitte versorgt uns gut mit Updates!
    Und vergesst nicht den Abstecher zum Hash House!!!

  2. @Rene Dann werd ich ir mal Mühe geben, wa 😀

    @Thomas. Da hast Du schon gut recht Dude. Muss ich mich zu zwingen. Hey und sofern unsere Mifis Empfang haben oder schlimmsten Fall die Hotels, gehen jeden Tag unter unserem # viele Posts raus.

    Hash House hätte ich derbe Lust zu gehabt, aber wird leider nicht klappen. Hatte es eigentlich als Treffpunkt vorgeschlagen, wurde aber verworfen.

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