.:the calm before the storm – zombies52 – week V

.:the calm before the storm

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“it was a hard week. a surprising week. a successful week… considering the situation.
and somehow not very good to know what sorts of shit people have in their homes and all… a machine-gun?! c’mon!!! I mean I am not complaining too much as I really am happy about having it now, but in a normal situation outside of this zombie madness it creeps me out.
I am not sure how to handle most of this stuff properly, but I hope its not too difficult to learn. I stored some gas in the basement, just in case I have to come back or so, also some food. the car is packed and I seem to be ready for the trip. it took longer to prepare, but I am a control freak… I needed some stuff and now I have it. my mobile phone just got an email a few days ago… which scared the living #*%§ out of me… it was an automated spam message, but still… maybe someone will get the network or the internet back up and running… maybe its just this area that is compromised… wish me luck! although I have nothing to loose.. I still want one thing! ANSWERS!!!”

just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. here you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more… CLICK

week 5 dear friends and followers, week 5!

this photo is a lot more subtle, but not less moody. I was also very happy that the look and the way to achieve the look transferred perfectly from my mind to reality.

strobist info:
I used one elinchrom style rx 600 behind me and behind the curtains to blow out the background and to simulate direct sunlight through the window. and one snooted nikon sb900 from cameraleft next to myself in the picture pointing at the two whiskey bottles on the table for a little reflection and detail.

besides that I just desaturated the colors a bit and sharpened the image, but thats about it.

the video will be placed here in the coming days of course.

hope you like this weeks outcome!

let me know what you think.

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  1. wofür war die schale mit den weintrauben neben dem tripod?

    der sunny day effekt imponiert. wie lange brauchst du um deine blitze zu positionieren und abzugleichen?

  2. zum essen 🙂

    und das kommt immer drauf an. also positionieren ist imme reine detail sache, den elinchrome hab ich einfach hingestellt und es hat gepasst, den sb900… das hat ggf so 10 minuten gebraucht, mit testfotos und zu sehen ob er genau trifft.

  3. Geiles Foto, geiles “Behind the scenes” Video und ultra geiles Hackbeil … 🙂

    Hatte mich erst gewundert wozu Du den Zippo-Leder-Halter benötigt hast …

  4. manman man, ihr habt alle zugute augen 🙂

    ich werde in den kommenden videos mal aufpassen müssen 😀

    und vielen dank! ja das beil ist schon was feines… wird bei uns mittlerweile aber fast nur noch zum pizza schneiden benutzt…

  5. Sehr coole “Folge” mal wieder!
    Krass wie der Raum auf dem Video wirkt und dann im Bild… da macht das Weitwinkel und das Licht schon seinen Job!

    Klasse und wieder mal informativ!

    Dieses One1 macht mich langsam aber neugierig… wenns nur nicht so teuer wäre… aber das mit dem iphone würde schon vieles erleichtern… hmm!

    Aber nochmal *thumbs up*

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