.:oh hello – zombies52 – week VII

.:oh hello

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“it’s good to get away… it’s somehow liberating…
this oppressive feeling is fading slowly. luckily a lot of places still seem to have electricity and most cars and gas stations still have fuel. I’ve been driving for hours now, but I don’t want to sleep in the middle of nowhere not knowing whats around me. I haven’t seen a soul nor zombie. are they scared of the roads outside of the cities? or is it just too far out… hm…

could that mean that there are more humans here? still I don’t think its too save. even if living human beings are around, it could get even more dangerous, I have to be cautious.


just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. here you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more… CLICK and here the weeks you maybe have missed already WEEK I, WEEK II, WEEK III, WEEK IV, WEEK V and WEEK VI.

strobist info:

as you will be able to see in the video attached to the blogpost I used one nikon sb-900 partially snooted with a honl snoot on a gorilla pod attached to the right side of the passenger seat pointing at me. the camera is on a tripod on the back seat with with a cable release attached and also connected to the sb-900 via cable.

well I hope you enjoyed this weeks photo and video! if you want I would be delighted to hear your opinion on both. hope you’ll have a great rest weekend, wishing you all the best,


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  1. Ha, bin gespannt wies weiter geht!

    Schön einfaches aber wirkungsvolles Setup!
    Und? Hat sich jemand gewundert was du da alles im Auto hast? oder wurdet ihr von niemandem gesichtet? 😉

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