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.:the beginning

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“I have no idea where to start… I am still shocked, scared and just not able to form any clear thought…

If I wouldn’t know it any better I’d say I was attacked by zombies today… but I know better… or not? they beat and kicked the $#!+ out of me and I escaped just by sheer luck.

the house next door is on fire… ON FIRE!!! what is going on… the NEWS are just talking about riots but not why they are rioting… maybe war? why is TV always bullshitting us?!

the web is down… no cell service… but why are we attacking each other? like animals? I have to start barricading the house… just glad we fireproofed it a few month ago…

I have to go now… lets hope we will survive this night at least and see whats going on tomorrow when the sun is up again…


just in case you wonder… this is my new photo project I started. HERE you’ll find a video that explains it a bit more.

strobist info:
one sb-900 camera right with a grid on it facing my face. one sb-900 snooted and with a red gel camera left pointing in the windo left of me. and one sb-900 fireing from camera right with an CTO gel rather missing my face a bit for some moody light.

and the weekly video with a bit of a making of in it will hopefully go online tonight, but I’ll tweet about it as soon as possible. and excuse me for not being too efficient doing these videos, but I am sure as I go on taping them they will get shorter and better 🙂



  1. well I have a few make p artists, but that is not the point… its about doing all the stuff myself… I guess I’ll learn as I go along.

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